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Sixiu biji 絲繡筆記

Mar 31, 2024 © Ulrich Theobald

Sixiu biji 絲繡筆記 is a book on silk products of the imperial factories written during the early Republican period by Zhu Qiqian 朱啟鈐 (1871-1964).

The author had access to the silk stores of the Qing 清 (1644-1911) Imperial Household (neiwufu 內務府). Zhu's expertise in the appreciation of silk fabrics allowed him to provides an insightful analysis and description of traditional silk embroidery fabrics and to explain weaving techniques and processes, and to asses products like brocade, imprinted silk and embroidery. The book is divided into two fascicles, the first of which records what the author was told and saw (Jinwen 記聞), while the second juan is an analysis of products (Bianwu 辨物).

The book was first printed in 1930, with a reprint two years later. It is included in the series Sixiu congkan 絲繡叢刊 and Meishu congshu 美術全集.

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