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(Yuzuan) Yizong jinjian (御纂)醫宗金鑑

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(Yuzuan) Yizong jinjian (御纂)醫宗金鑑 "Golden mirror of medical principles" is a series of medical texts compiled by Wu Qian 吳謙 and Liu Yuduo 劉裕鐸 (1686-1757), acting on imperial order, and finished in 1739. It includes 15 texts with a total length of 90 juan.

Wu Qian, courtesy name Liuji 六吉, hailed from Shexian 歙縣, Anhui, and was xxx 太醫院判. The series includes important texts of Chinese medicine of all aspects, from theory to diagnosis (zhenduan 診斷), methods and recipes (fanji 方劑) of all medical fields, acupuncture and moxibustion (zhenjiu 針灸) as well as yoga-style exercises (yunqi 運氣). Two commentaries, Dingzheng Shanglanlun zhu 訂正傷寒論注, and Dingzheng Jingui yaolüe zhu 訂正金匱要略注, were written by Wu Qian himself.

Figure 1. Images from the Yizong jinjian 醫宗金鑑
Waike xinfa yaojue 外科心法要訣, ch. 4, illustrations of the diseases "lower back cellulitis" (xia dashou下搭手) and "lotus-seed onset" (lianzi fa 蓮子發). Source: Staatsbibliothek Berlin, Slg. Unschuld 8482.

The collection includes the most important aspects of contemporary Chinese medicine, and provided the latest state of the art, with illustrations, descriptions and propositions formulated in lyrical shape. It was therefore wide spread, and is also included in the imperial series Siku quanshu 四庫全書. The oldest print, produced by the Wuyingdian Hall 武英殿, dates from 1742. In 1876, the Jiangxi Shuju 江西書局 produced another print. A modern edition was first published in 1954 by the Jinzhang Shuju 錦章書局, and another one in 1953 by the Renmin Weisheng Press 人民衛生出版社.

Table 1. The series (Yuzuan) Yizong jinjian (御纂)醫宗金鑑
(Qing) 吳謙 Wu Qian, 劉裕鐸 Liu Yuduo (comp.)
1742 edition of the Wuyingdian Hall 武英殿, 1876 edition of the Jiangxi Shuju 江西書局, 1883 edition of the Saoye Shanfang 掃葉山房, 1892 edition of the Shanghai Tushu Jicheng Yinshuju 上海圖書集成印書局, 1903 lithographic edition of Shanghai Jingxiangge 上海經香閣, 1912 edition of Shanghai Shangwu Yinshuguan 上海商務印書館, 1919 lithographic edition of Shanghai Hongbaozhai 上海鴻寶齋石印本, 1951 edition of Shanghai Guangyi Shuju 上海廣益書局
No. 書名, length in juan Title
1-17 訂正(仲景全書)傷寒論註 十七卷 Dingzheng (Zhongjing quanshu) Shanghanlun zhu
18-25 訂正(仲景全書)金匱要略註 八卷 Dingzheng (Zongjing quanshu) Jingui yaolüe zhu
26-33 刪補名醫方論 八卷 Shanbu mingyi fanglun
34 (編輯)四診心法要訣 一卷 (Bianji) Sizhen xinfa yaojue
35 (編輯)運氣心法要訣 一卷 (Bianji) Yunqi xinfa yaojue
36-38 (編輯)傷寒心法要訣 三卷 (Bianji) Shanghan xinfa yaojue
39-43 (編輯)雜病心法要訣 五卷 (Bianji) Zabing xinfa yaojue
44-49 (編輯)婦科心法要訣 六卷 (Bianji) Fuke xinfa yaojue
50-55 (編輯)幼科雜病心法要訣 六卷 (Bianji) Youke zabing xinfa yaojue
56-59 (編輯)痘疹心法要訣 六卷 (Bianji) Douzhen xinfa yaojue
60 (編輯)幼科種痘心法要訣 一卷 (Bianji) Youke zhongdou xinfa yaojue
61-76 (編輯)外科心法要訣 十六卷 (Bianji) Waike xinfa yaojue
77-78 (編輯)眼科心法要訣 二卷 (Bianji) Yanke xinfa yaojue
79-86 (編輯)刺灸心法要訣 八卷 (Bianji) Cijiu xinfa yaojue
87-90 (編輯)正骨心法要訣 四卷 (Bianji) Zhenggu xinfa yaojue
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