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Zhonghua daozang 中華道藏

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Zhonghua daozang 中華道藏 is a collection in 49 volumes of Daoist writings. It was compiled under the guidance of Zhang Jiyu 張繼禹 (b. 1962) and published in 2004 by the Huaxia Chubanshe 華夏出版社. The collection is a revised, punctuated and annotated edition of the traditional Daoist Canon (Zhengtong) Daozang (正統)道藏 and the supplement (Wanli) Xu daozang (萬曆)續道藏 with 1,473 texts, but adds more than 100 additional texts like re-discovered ancient writings unearthed from tombs or discovered in Dunhuang 敦煌, as well as printed texts from the Jurchen-Jin 金 (1115-1234) and the Yuan period 元 (1279-1368), resulting in 1,526 texts with a total length of 5,500 juan.

The books in the series are superficially arranged according to the traditional Three Caverns and Four Auxiliaries (sandong sifu 三洞四輔), but the order of these seven categories and the traditional 12 formal types of texts as sub-categories is turned around. Instead, the book are categorized according to content, chronological order, and religious affiliation. The Zhonghua daozang thus established the categories true scriptures of the Three Caverns (Sandong zhenjing 三洞真經), true scriptures of the Four Auxiliaries (Sifu zhenjing 四輔真經), collected discourses and teachings of Daoism (Daojiao lunji 道教論集), methods of the Dao and miscellaneous techniques (Daofa zhongshu 道法眾術), Daoist liturgy (Daojiao keyi 道教科儀), biographies of immortals and local gazetteers through the history of Daoism (Xianzhuan daoshi 仙傳道史), and catalogues (Mulu 目錄).

Figure 1. Page of the Zhonghua daozang 中華道藏
First page of the Taishang dongxuan lingbao yuanshi wuliang duren shangpin miaojing, Vol. 3, No. 26. This scripture was the first text of the (Zhengtong) Daozang. The text in the box provides information of the basic text for this punctuated re-setting. The setting resembles that of the most widespread edition of the Chinese Buddhist Tripitaka, the (Taishō) Shinshū Daizōkyō (大正)新脩大藏經.
Table 1. Sections of the Zhonghua daozang 中華道藏
I 三洞真經 True scriptures of the Three Caverns
1-2 洞真上清經 Dongzhen shangqing jing Scriptures of the Shangqing revelation of the Dongzhen Cave
3-4 洞玄靈寶經 Dongxuan lingbao jing Scriptures of the Lingbao revelation of the Dongxuan Cave
4 洞神三皇經 Dongshen sanhuang jing Scriptures of the Sanhuang revelation of the Dongshen Cave
5-6 三洞經教 Sandong jingjiao Scriptures and teachings of all Three Caves
II 四輔真經 True scriptures of the Four Auxiliaries
7 太平部諸經 Taiping bu zhujing Various scriptures of the Taiping section
8 太玄部經訣 Taixuan bu jingjue Scriptures and formulas of the Taixuan section
8 正一部經籙 Zhengyi bu jinglu Scriptures and registers of the Zhengyi section
9-12 道德眞經 Daode zhenjing Books on the True Scripture of the Way and its Virtue
13-15 四子眞經 Sizi zhenjing True scriptures of the four masters
15 黃帝陰符經 Huangdi yinfu jing Books on the Yellow Emperor's Scripture of the Hidden Contracts
16-17 道教易學 Daojiao yixue Daoist interpretations of the Book of Changes
18-19 太清金丹經 Taiqing jindan jing Taiqing scriptures on alchemy
20-23 太清攝養經 Taiqing sheyang jing Taiqing scriptures on nourishing life
III 道教論集 Collected discourses and teachings of Daoism
24-25 諸子文集 Zhuzi wenji Collected writings of the various masters
26 道學論著 Daoxue lunzhu Discourses on Daoist teachings
26-27 全眞文集 Quanzhen wenji Collected writings of the Quanzhen tradition
28-29 道教類書 Daojiao leishu Encyclopaedias of Daoism
IV 道法眾術 Methods of the Dao and miscellaneous techniques
30-32 道法諸經 Daofa zhujing Various scriptures of Daoist methods
33-35 道法總集 Daofa zongji General collections of Daoist methods
36-38 道法會元 Daofa huiyuan Daoist methods united in principle
39-41 靈寶領教濟度金書 Lingbao lingjiao jidu jinshu The golden book of salvation according to the Lingbao tradition
V 道教科儀 Daoist liturgy
42 科戒威儀 Kejie weiyi Oberservances of ceremonies
43 靈寶諸齋儀 Lingbao zhuzhai-yi Various fasting techniques and ceremonies of the Lingbao tradition
44 燈儀法懺章表 Dengyi fachan zhangbiao Lamp rituals, repentance litanies, and memorials
VI 道史仙傳 Biographies of immortals through the history of Daoism
45-47 神仙高道傳 Shenxian gaodao zhuan Biographies of immortals and eminent masters
48 仙境名山志 Xianjiang mingshan zhi Books on the retreats of immortals and famous mountains
VII 目錄索引 Book catalogues and index
49 目錄 Mulu Book catalogues
49 索引 Suoyin Index of the series