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Kuoyizhi 括異志

Aug 14, 2013 © Ulrich Theobald

There are two books with the title Kuoyizhi 括異志 "Inclusive reports about strange matters", one written by Lu Yinglong 魯應龍, and one by Zhang Shizheng 張師正, both living during the Song period 宋 (960-1279). Zhang's book is called Kuoyizhi 括異志, while that of Lu Yinglong is commonly called Xianchuang kuoyi zhi 閒窗括異志 "Inclusive records of strange matters from the leisure window".
Both Kuoyizhi are collections of phantastic stories. Of Zhang Shizheng 張師正, courtesy name Zhang Buyi 張不疑, much is known, except that he was amilitary commander (shuai 帥) of Chenzhou 辰州 during the Xining reign 熙寧 (1068-1077) and that he has authored the books Kuoyizhi and Xianyou zalu 倦遊雜錄. The encyclopedia Wenxian tongkao 文獻通考 says that Zhang Shizheng, after successfully passing the state examination, wandered around for forty years in search for an office, but finally gave up and started compiling his 10 juan "scrolls" long book about phantastic matters. The book originally included 250 chapters and a preface written by Wei Tai 魏泰, but the latter is lost, and the received version includes only 133 stories.
The Kuoyizhi is included in the reprint series Sibu congkan xubian 四部叢刊續編 (in manuscript form) and Shuofu 說郛 (as an extract).

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