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Buhuangkao 捕蝗考

May 29, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Buhuangkao 捕蝗考 "On catching locusts" is an agronomical treatise on pest control written during the Qing period by Chen Fangsheng 陳芳生 (c. 1650), courtesy name Shuliu 漱六, from Renhe 仁和, Henan.

The short book is a resumé of older texts on the control of plagues of locusts and contains an important memorial of Xu Guangqi 徐光啓 (1562-1633) concerning that matter. The texts describe the methods to prevent the formation of locust swarms and measures to encounter the plague. This is in first instance a duty of the local administration.

The Buhuangkao is praised for the detailed description of the problem and the practical matters suggested for its solution. It is the earliest surviving text on pest control in China.

It is included in the series Zhaodai congshu 昭代叢書, Pinghua shuwu suo kan shu 瓶花書屋所刊書, Yijiatang congshu 宜稼堂叢書, Chang'en shushi congshu 長恩書室叢書 and Siku quanshu 四庫全書.

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