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Moyuan huguan lu 墨緣彙觀錄

Apr 11, 2023 © Ulrich Theobald

Moyuan huiguan 墨緣彙觀 or Moyuan huguan lu 墨緣彙觀錄 "Conspectus of the effects of ink", is a book on calligraphy and painting from the early Qing periody 清 (1644-1911) compiled by An Qi 安歧 (1683-?), courtesy name Yizhou 儀周, style Lucun 麓村 or Songquan Laoren 松泉老人, from Tianjian 天津. He was of Korean descent.

The book of 4 juan length was finished in 1742. Apart from An's own preface, there is another preface written by Duan Fang 端方. Both texts contradict each other in some important aspects, for instance, the question whether the paintings described were in An's own collection or not. The first part of the text is dedicated to calligraphy, and the second one to paintings. Both parts have a short supplement (Fashu xulu 法書續錄, Minghua xulu 名畫續錄). The artworks described reach from the Jin 晉 (265-420) to the Ming period 明 (1368-1644). The author quotes from earlier texts, but adds important corrections. The structure of the book imitates the procedure of conventional books on artworks and includes in the descriptions information on dimensions, material, and applied seals. While the actual texts of calligraphies are not recorded, An discusses the accompanying notes (ti-ba 題跋) in detail. In the part on paintings, even accompanying notes are not discussed, to leave more room for descriptions of the artistic achievements of the paintings themselves.

The book of An Qi has not the same qualitative level as Wu Sheng's 吳升 (fl. 1712) Daguanlu 大觀錄 or Bian Yongyu's 卞永譽 (1645-1712) Shigutang shuhua huikao 式古堂書畫彙考, but is nonetheless a valuable source for ancient paintings. It is included in the series Yueyatang congshu 粵雅堂叢書 and Congshu jicheng chubian 叢書集成初編.

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