An Encyclopaedia on Chinese History and Literature

Zishi jinghua 子史精華

Jan 21, 2011 © Ulrich Theobald

Zishi jinghua 子史精華 "Pure blossoms of the masters and the historians" is an encyclopaedia compiled on imperial order during the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) by Wu Shiyu 吳士玉 (1665-1733), Wu Xiang 吳襄, Zhang Tingyu 張廷玉 (1672-1755), Jiang Tingxi 蔣廷錫 (1669-1732), Zhang Zhao 張照 (1691-1745), and others. The compilation took place between 1721 and 1727.

The traditional literary categories of the histories and the so-called "masters" are the widest and richest. For this reason, the Kangxi Emperor 康熙帝 (r. 1662-1722) ordered to select the most important paragraphs among the writings of the two categories, in order to provide a useful handbook giving a convenient overview of these types of literature, famous statements and idioms, and often-read stories. The 160-juan-long book is divided in 30 encyclopaedic categories, with 260 sub-chapters. The quoted paragraphs are to be found as explanations to keywords, to which remarks are added for a better understanding. The Zishi jinghua has, in spite of all its strengths, been criticized for the inconvenience and inadequate arrangement of the keywords.

There is a print by the Wuying Hall 武英殿 from 1727, a print from 1892, a print by the Shanghai Tongwen Press 上海同文 from 1884, and one by the Shanghai Jicheng Tushu Press 上海集成圖書公司 from 1851. In 1991, the Beijing Guji Press 北京古籍出版社 published a reprint. The Zishi jinghua is included in the series Siku quanshu 四庫全書.

Table 1. Contents of the Zishi jinghua 子史精華
1-5 Heaven
6-12 The earth
13-20 帝王 Emperors and rulers
21-23 皇親 The imperial relatives
24-27 歲時 The seasons
28-36 禮儀 Ritual and etiquette
37-44 設官 State offices
45-64 政術 Government
65-71 文學 Civilian activities
72-76 武功 War
77-80 邊塞 Border affairs
81-86 倫常 Human relationship
87-96 品行 Comportment according to social status
97-104 人事 Human activities
105-106 樂部 Music
107-110 釋道 Buddhism and Daoism
111-115 靈異 Sprits and strange things
116-119 方術 Magic
120-122 巧藝 Skills and arts
123-124 形色 Comportment
125-132 言語 Language
133-134 婦女 Women
135-142 動植 Animals and plants
143-144 儀飾 Ritual tools
145-146 服飾 Adornments
147-148 居處 Buildings and living
149-150 產業 Production
151-152 食饌 Eating
153-154 珍寶 Jewels
155-160 器物 Tools and implements
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