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Chinese Literature
Tianjia wuxing 田家五行 "The husbandman's Five Agents"

The Tianjia wuxing 田家五行 "The husbandman's Five Agents", is a book on the theory of the Five Agents (wuxing 五行). It also talks of the influence of the changes of Five Agents on agriculture, and is therefore sometimes classified as an agricultural treatise, and not one of the divinatory school of the Five Agents. The author was either Lou Yuanli 婁元禮 (or Lou Yuanshan 婁元善) from the Ming period 明 (1368-1644), or Lu Yong 陸泳 from the Qing period 清 (1644-1911). The book is 3 juan "scrolls" long. The first part describes methods of divination for agriculture during for each of the months of the year. The second part describes the seasonal phenomena in astronomy, geography, vegetation and the animal kingdom. The last part describes several methods of divination, like sanxun 三旬, liujia 六甲, qihoujuanji 涓吉 and xiangrui 祥瑞. An abbreviated version of the book, with the title Tianjia zazhan 田家雜占 "The husbandman's miscellaneous prognostications" is included in the reprint series Guang baichuan xuehai 廣百川學海 and Shuofu xu 說郛續.

Source: Gao Liushui 高流水 (1996). "Tianjia wuxing 田家五行", in: Feng Kezheng 馮克正, Fu Qingsheng 傅慶升 (ed.), Zhuzi baijia da cidian 諸子百家大辭典, Chengdu: Sichuan renmin chubanshe, p. 432.

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