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Songchuang zalu 松窗雜錄

Sep 2, 2013 © Ulrich Theobald

Songchuang zalu 松窗雜錄 "Miscellaneous Records from the Pine Window" is a collection of stories written by an unknown author of the Tang period 唐 (618-907). The bibliographic treatise in the official dynastic history Xintangshu 新唐志 calls the book Songchuanglu 松窗錄 and names no author. The bibliography in the history Songshi 宋志 calls the book Songchuang xiaolu 松窗小錄 and says it was authored by Li Jun 李浚. The bibliographic chapter in the encyclopedia Wenxian tongkao 文獻通考 names a certain Wei Jun 韋浚 as the author of the Songchuang zalu. In the reprint series Lidai xiaoshi 歷代小史 the book is included unter the title Songchuang zalu and the author Li Jun. The preface of the short book says that it includes 16 stories about occurrences during the Tang period, particularly from the reign of Emperor Xuanzong 唐玄宗 (r. 712-755). The book can therefore serve as an additional source to a decisive period in the history of the Tang dynasty, but the historical authenticity of the stories must be doubted.
The Songchuan zalu is also to be found in the reprint series Siku quanshu 四庫全書, Gushi wenfang xiaoshuo 顧氏文房小說, Shuofu 說郛, Wuchao xiaoshuo 五朝小說, Jigutang congchao 稽古堂叢鈔, Tangren shuohui 唐人說薈, Tangdai congshu 唐代叢書 and Gujin shuobu congshu 古今說部叢書. In 1958 the Zhonghua shuju press 中華書局 published a modern edition in a joint publication with the texts Duyang zabian 杜陽雜編 and Guiyuan congtan 桂苑叢談.

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