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Chaliaoji 茶寮記

Jun 20, 2013 © Ulrich Theobald

Chaliaoji 茶寮記 "Records from the tea cottage" is a book on tea written by the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) scholar Lu Shusheng 陸樹聲, courtesy name Lu Yuji 陸與吉, style Pingquan 平泉. He came from Huating 華亭 (modern Songjiang 松江, Shanghai) and obtained his jinshi degree in 1541. He rose to the office of Minister of Rites (libu shangshu 禮部尚書). The book Chaliaoji was written after Lu Shusheng's retirement and as the result of discussions he had with the Buddhist monk Mingliang 明亮 from Mt. Zhongnan 終南山 when tasting teas. It is divided into seven short chapters that are more a poetic reflection about drinking tea as a social event than an expert book on tea. The Chaliaoji is included in the reprint series Baoyantang miji 寶顏堂秘笈, Chengshi congke 程氏叢刻 and Shuofu 說郛.

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