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Chinese Literature
Yiwen leiju 藝文類聚 "Classified Collection Based on the Classics and other Literature"

The Yiwen leiju 藝文類聚 "Classified collection based on the Classics and other literature" is an encyclopedia from the Tang period 唐 (618-907) written by on imperial order by a team of ten compilers, headed by Ouyang Xun 歐陽詢 (557-641), Linghu Defen 令狐德芬, Yuan Lang 袁朗 and Zhao Hongzhi 趙宏智. The encyclopedia is 100 juan "scrolls" long and was finished in 624. It is divided into 46 parts and covers 727 topics. The particular articles quote from 1,431 books from all kinds of literature. Its value lies in the vast amount of literature quoted. Eighty percent of these books are only preserved in quotations of the Yiwen leiju, like Xie Cheng's 謝承 Houhanshu 後漢書, Yuan Shansong's 袁山松 Houhanshu 後漢書, Wang Yin's 王隱 Jinshu 晉書, Pei Qi's 裴啟 Yulin 語林 or Guo Chengzhi's 郭澄之 Guozi 郭子. For each paragraph, the Yiwen leiju indicates the source, in the case of poetry also the name of the author, the date and the particular type of poem (shi 詩 "regular poem", fu 賦 "rhapsody" or zan 贊 "eulogy"). Inspite of all these important strengths, the arrangement of the chapters is not in all points excellent, especially in the question under which chapter some entries appear.
There was a print from the mid-12th century. A moveable character print was made by the Lanxue Studio 蘭雪堂 of Master Hua 華氏 in 1515, a small character print in 1528 by Hu Zanzong 胡纘宗, another print by the Zongwen Studio 宗文書堂 of Master Zheng 鄭氏 in 1530, and a reprint of the small character edition in 1549 by Zhang Song 張松. The Hongda Studio 宏達堂 of Wang Yuanzhen 王元貞 printed the Yiwen leiju in 1879. Modern reprints was published in 1959 by the Zhonghua shuju press 中華書局, in 1965 by the same press, as an edition revised by Wang Shaoying 汪紹楹, and in 1981 by the Shanghai guji press 上海古籍出版社, with an index. The Yiwen leiju is included in the reprint series Siku quanshu 四庫全書.

Li Xueqin 李學勤, Lü Wenyu 呂文鬰 (1996). Siku da cidian 四庫大辭典, vol. 2, p. 2034. Changchun: Jilin daxue chubanshe.
Zhao Hankun 趙含坤 (2005). Zhongguo leishu 中國類書, pp. 29-34. Shijiazhuang: Hebei renmin chubanshe.

1.-2. 天部 Tian Heaven
3.-5. 歲時部 Suishi Seasons and time
6. 地部,州部,郡部 Di. Zhou. Jun Geography. Provinces. Commanderies
7. 山部上 Shan Mountains A
8. 山部下,水部上 Shan. Shui Mountains B. Water A
9. 水部下 Shui Water B
10. 符命部 Fuming Imperial orders
11.-14. 帝王部 Diwang Rulers
15. 后妃部 Houfei Imperial consorts
16. 儲宮部 Chugong Palaces
17.-37. 人部 Ren Man
38.-40. 禮部 Li Rites
41.-44. 樂部 Yue Music
45.-50. 職官部 Zhiguan State offices
51. 封爵部 Fengjue Titles of nobility
52.-53. 治政部 Zhizheng Government
54. 刑法部 Xingfa Penal law
55.-58. 雜文部 Zawen Miscellaneous literature
59. 武部 Wu Military
60. 軍器部 Junqi Weapons
61.-64. 居處部 Juchu Architecture
65.-66. 產業部 Chanye Production
67. 衣冠部 Yiguan Clothes and caps
68. 儀飾部 Yishi Ritual adornment
69.-70. 服飾部 Fushi Clothing adornment
71. 舟車部 Zhouche Boats and carts
72. 食物部 Shiwu Food
73. 雜器物部 Zaqiwu Miscellaneous tools and objects
74. 巧藝部 Qiaoyi Skills and arts
75. 方術部 Fangshu Magic
76.-77. 內典部 Neidian The inner canon
78.-79. 靈異部 Lingyi Souls and spirits
80. 火部 Huo Fire
81. 藥香,草部上 Yaoxiang. Cao Medicine and scents. Herbs A
82. 草部下 Cao Herbs B
83.-84. 寶玉部 Baoyu Jewellery
85. 百穀部,布帛部 Baigu. Bubo Grains. Textile fibres
86.-87. 果部 Guo Fruits
88.-89. 木部 Mu Trees
90.-92. 鳥部 Niao Birds
93.-95. 獸部 Shou Beasts and mammals
96. 鱗介部上 Linjie Scaly animals A
97. 鱗介部下,蟲豸部 Linjie. Chongzhi Scaly animals B. Worms and creeping animals
98.-99. 祥瑞部 Xiangrui Omina and portents
100. 災異部 Zaiyi Natural disasters and strange phenomena
Chinese literature according to the four-category system

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