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Qianshenlun 錢神論 "About the Numinosity of Cash"

The Qianshenlun 錢神論 "About the Numinosity of Cash" is a treatise on money written by the Eastern Jin period 東晉 (317-420) scholar Lu Bao 魯褒. The short treatise is a very critical text towards the demonic powers of money and its incluence on society. The author criticized that people in possession of money are always promoted and favoured, while the poor are left out dry. A similar text had ben written by Cheng Gongsui 成公綏 (231-273) during the early Western Jin period 西晉 (265-316) that seems to have served as a blueprint for Lu Bao's writing. The two writings demonstrate that the urban society of China was already monetized to a considerably high degree at that time.

Source: Wang Yi 王益, Bai Qinxian 白欽先 (ed. 2000). Dangdai jiinrong cidian 當代金融辭典, Beijing: Zhongguo jingji chubanshe, p. 809.
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