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Zhuzi quanshu 朱子全書

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(Yuzuan) Zhuzi quanshu (御纂)朱子全書, full title Yuanjianzhai yuzuan Zhuzi quanshu 淵鑒齋御纂朱子全書, was compiled in 1713 on imperial order under the supervision of Li Guangdi 李光地 (1642-1718) and Xiong Cilü 熊賜履 (1637-1709), with a length of 66 juan. The aim of the compilation was to provide a consistent overview of the teachings of the Song-period 宋 (960-1279) Neo-Confucian master Zhu Xi 朱熹 (1130-1200).

The collection Zhuzi yulei 朱子語類 classified teachings of Zhu Xi, but it was compiled by different persons, and was thus not consistently arranged according to themes, and was therefore of a very heterogeneous character and included many contradictions. The text of the Zhuzi quanshu is divided into 19 chapters that cover all important Confucian Classics or disciplines (like rites and music) and the most important Neo-Confucian terms and concepts. The text is based on the Zhuzi yulei and Zhu Xi's collected writings Zhu Wengong wenji 朱文公文集 (Hui'an ji 晦庵集).

The Zhuzi quanshu was printed by the Imperial Printing Shop in 1713 and then again in 1746 in a downscaled version by the Guxiang Hall 古香齋. It is also included in the imperial series Siku quanshu 四庫全書.

Table 1. Contents of the Zhuzi quanshu 朱子全書 (1713)
1-6 Xue

On learning
7-9 大學 Daxue

The Great Learning
10-19 論語 Lunyu

The Confucian Analects
20-23 孟子 Mengzi

Master Meng
24-25 中庸 Zhongyong

The Doctrine of the Mean
26-32 Yi

The Book of Changes
33-34 Shu

The Book of Documents
35 Shi

The Book of Songs
36 春秋 Chunqiu

The Spring and Autumn Annals
37-40 Li

The ritual books
41 Yue

Texts on music
42-48 性理 Xingli

Human character and the Heavenly principle
49-50 理氣 Liqi

The Heavenly principle and substance
51 鬼神 Guishen

Ghosts and spirits
52-57 道統 Daotong

Unification by the Way
58-60 諸子 Zhuzi

The many masters
61-62 歷代 Lidai

Through the ages
63-64 治道 Zhidao

Knowledge of the Way
65 論文 Lunwen

On prose writings
論詩 Lunshi

On poems
字學 Zixue

On writing
科舉之學 Keju zhi xue

Learning for the state examinations
66 Fu


Lyric-metre poetry
琴操 Qinzao

Songs to the zither
古詩 Gushi

Poems in the ancient style
律詩 Lüshi

Regular poems
絕句 Jueju

Short poems
樂府 Yuefu

Poems in the style of the Music Bureau



Li Xueqin 李學勤, Lü Wenyu 呂文鬰, ed. (1996). Siku da cidian 四庫大辭典 (Changchun: Jilin daxue chubanshe), Vol. 2, 1596.

A different arrangement of Zhu Xi's writing was created in the collection Zhuzi quanshu, as editec by Zhu Jieren 朱傑人 and published in 2010 by the Shanghai Guji Press 上海古籍出版社 and the Anhui Jiaoyu Press 安徽敎育出版社. All texts are in modern typesetting and critically revised by a team of compilers.

Table 2. Contents of the Zhuzi quanshu 朱子全書 (2010)
周易 四卷
圖 一卷
周易五贊 一卷
(附)校勘記 六卷
Zhouyi wu zan
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹; 王鐵 Wang Tie (comm.)
易學啓蒙 四卷
(附)校勘記 四卷
Yixue qimeng
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 王鐵 Wang Tie (comm.)
詩 二十卷
詩傳綱領 一卷
詩序辨說 一卷
(附)校勘記 二十二卷
Shizhuan gangling
Shixu bianshuo
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹; 朱傑人 Zhu Jieren (comm.)
儀禮經傳通解 三十七卷
(附)校勘記 三十七卷
續 二十九卷
(附)校勘記 二十九卷
Yili jingzhuan tongjie
(app.) Jiaokanji
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 黃幹 Huang Gan, 楊復 Yang Fu (cont.); 王貽樑 Wang Yiliang (comm.)
大學章句 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
中庸章句 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
論語集注 十卷
(附)校勘記 十卷
孟子集注 十四卷
(附)校勘記 十四卷 (卽四書章句集注)
Daxue zhangju
(app.) Jiaokanji
Zhongyong zhangju
(app.) Jiaokanji
Lunyu jizhu
(app.) Jiaokanji
Mengzi jizhu
(app.) Jiaokanji (Sishu zhangju jizhu)
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 徐德明 Xu Deming (comm.)
大學或問 二卷
(附)校勘記 二卷
中庸或問 二卷
(附)校勘記 二卷
論語或問 二十卷
(附)校勘記 二十卷
孟子或問 十四卷
(附)校勘記 十四卷 (卽四書或問)
Daxue huowen
(app.) Jiaokanji
Zhongyong huowen
(app.) Jiaokanji
Lunyu huowen
(app.) Jiaokanji
Mengzi huowen
(app.) Jiaokanji (Sishu huowen)
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 黃珅 Huang Shen (comm.)
論語精義 十卷
(附)校勘記 十卷
孟子精義 十四卷
(附)校勘記 十四卷 (卽論孟精義)
Lunyu jingyi
(app.) Jiaokanji
Mengzi jingyi
(app.) Jiaokanji (Lun-Meng jingyi)
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi (comp.); 黃珅 Huang Shen, 張祝平 Zhang Zhuping (comm.)
家禮 五卷
(附)校勘記 五卷
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 王燕均 Wang Yanjun, 王光照 Wang Guangzhao (comm.)
資治通鑑綱目 五十九卷
(附)校勘記 五十九卷
Zizi tongjian gangmu
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 嚴文儒 Yan Wenru, 顧宏義 Gu Hongyi (comm.)
五朝名臣言行錄 十卷
(附)校勘記 十卷
三朝名臣言行錄 十四卷
(附)校勘記 十卷
Wuchao mingchen yanxing lu
(app.) Jiaokanji
Sanchao mingchen yanxing lu
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 李偉國 Li Weiguo (comm.)
伊洛淵源錄 十四卷
(附)校勘記 十四卷
Yi-Luo yuanyuan lu
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 戴揚本 Dai Yangben (comm.)
紹煕州縣釋奠儀圖 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
Shaoxi zhouxian shidian yitu
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 王光照 Wang Guangzhaom, 王燕均 Wang Yanjun (comm.)
太極圖說解 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
Taiji tushuo jie
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 陸建華 Lu Jianhua, 黃珅 Huang Shen (comm.)
通書 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 周敦頤 Zhou Dunyi; 朱熹 Zhu Xi (comm.); 陸建華 Lu Jianhua, 劉永翔 Liu Yongxiang (comm.)
西銘解 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
Ximing jie
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 陸建華 Lu Jianhua, 朱傑人 Zhu Jieren (comm.)
近思錄 十四卷
(附)校勘記 十四卷
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi, 呂祖謙 Lu Zuqian; 王澔 Wang Hao, 陸暉 Lu Hui (comm.)
延平李先生師弟子答問 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
(附)後錄 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
Yanping Li Xiansheng shidizi dawen
(app.) Jiaokanji
(app.) Houlu
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 陸建華 Lu Jianhua, 嚴佐之 Yan Zuozhi (comm.)
童蒙須知 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
Tongmeng xuzhi
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 嚴文儒 Yan Wenru (comm.)
小學 十一卷
(附)校勘記 十一卷
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 王光照 Wang Guangzhao, 王燕均 Wang Yanjun (comm.)
陰符經註 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
Yinfujing zhu
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 伍偉民 Wu Weimin, 王鐵 Wang Tie (comm.)
周易參同契考異 一卷
(附)校勘記 一卷
Zhouyi cantong qi kaoyi
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 伍偉民 Wu Weimin (comm.)
朱子語類 一百四十卷
(附)校勘記 一百四十卷
Zhuzi yulei
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 鄭明 Zheng Ming et al. (comm.)
楚辭集注 八卷
(附)校勘記 八卷
辯證 二卷
(附)校勘記 二卷
後語 六卷
(附)校勘記 六卷
Chuci jizhu
(app.) Jiaokanji
(app.) Jiaokanji
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 蔣立甫 Jiang Lifu (comm.)
昌黎先生考異 十卷
(附)校勘記 十卷
Changli Xiansheng kaoyi
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 曹抗美 Cao Kangmei (comm.)
晦菴先生朱文公文集 一百卷
(附)校勘記 一百卷
續集 十一卷
(附)校勘記 十一卷
別集 十卷
(附)校勘記 十卷
Hui'an Xiansheng Zhu Wengong wenji
(app). Jiaokanji
(app.) Jiaokanji
(app.) Jiaokanji
(Song) 朱熹 Zhu Xi; 劉永翔 Liu Yongxiang et al. (comm.)
朱子佚文輯錄 Zhuzi yiwen jilu 束景南 Shu Jingnan (comp.)
朱子實紀 十二卷 Zhuzi shiji (Ming) 戴銑 Dai Xuan; 鄭麥 Zheng Mai et al. (comm.)
紫陽文公先生年譜 二卷 Ziyang Wengong Xiansheng nianpu (Ming) 李默 Li Mo; 鄭麥 Zheng Mai et al. (comm.)
朱子年譜 四卷 Zhuzi nianpu (Qing) 王懋竑 Wang Maohong
附錄 Fulu