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Zihui 子彙

May 1, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Zihui 子彙 (also written 子匯) "A collection of masters and philosophers" is a series of collectanea (congshu 叢書) compiled by the Ming-period 明 (1368-1644) scholar Zhou Ziyi 周子義 (1529-1586). It includes 24 books and has a total length of 34 juan.

The Zihui focuses on books of the literary category of "masters and philosophers" and contains the most important writings of the Confucians, Daoists, dialectitians, legalists, coalition advisers, Mohists, and miscellaneous masters. Yet some few texts are rarely to be found in other collections of the "masters", like the book Lumenzi 鹿門子 or the Qiqiuzi 齊丘子.

Besides the proper texts, some commentaries are added to rare texts, like Feng Xinggui's 逢行珪 commentary on the book Yuzi 鬻子, or Lu Dian's 陸佃 (1042-1102) commentary on the Heguanzi 鹖冠子. It is important that the basic texts have been selected according to their textual quality, and the Zihui therefore is a very reliable source, except the books Mozi 墨子 and Yanzi chunqiu 晏子春秋.

The assignment of some texts to one of the philosophical schools is not always in accordance with the traditional view. The Huangshigong sushu 黃石公素書, for instance, is generally seen as a military treatise and not as a Daoist book, and the Yuzi is a book of a very obscure origin hardly to be called a Confucian text. Its positioning at the beginning of the series is therefore to be questioned.

The Zihui was printed during the Wanli reign-period 萬曆 (1573-1619) and is included in the facsimile edition of the Yuan-Ming shanben congshu 元明善本叢書 from 1937.

Table 1. The series Zihui 子彙
(Ming) 周子義 Zhou Ziyi (comp.)
Edition of the Wanli reign-period
書名, length in juan Title Author(s)
鬻子 一卷 Yuzi (Zhou) 鬻熊 Yu Xiong; (Tang) 逄行珪 Feng Xinggui (comm.)
晏子春秋內篇 二卷 Yanzi chunqiu neipian (Zhou) 晏嬰 Yan Ying; (Ming) 周子義 Zhou Ziyi (comm.)
孔叢子 三卷 Kongcongzi (Han) 孔鮒 Kong Fu
賈子新書 二卷 Jiazi Xinshu (Han) 賈誼 Jia Yi
陸子 (新語) 一卷 Luzi (Xinyu) (Han) 陸賈 Lu Jia
小荀子 (申鑒) 一卷 Xiao Xunzi (Shenjian) (Han) 荀悅 Shen Yue
鹿門子 一卷 Lumenzi (Tang) 皮日休 Pi Rixiu
文子 二卷 Wenzi (Zhou) 辛銒 Xin Jian
關尹子 一卷 Guanyinzi (Zhou) 尹喜 Yin Xi
亢倉子 一卷 Kangcangzi (Zhou) 庚桑楚 Gengsang Chu
鶡冠子 (鶴冠子) 一卷 Heguanzi (Song) 陸佃 Lu Dian (comm.)
黃石公素書 一卷 Huangshi Gong sushu (Han) 黃石公 Huangshi Gong
天隱子 一卷 Tianyinzi (Tang) 司馬承禎 Sima Chengzhen
玄真子外篇 一卷 Xuanzhenzi waipian (Tang) 張志和 Zhang Zhihe
無能子 三卷 Wunengzi (Tang) NN
齊丘子 (譚子化書) 一卷 Qiqiuzi (Tanzi Huashu, Huashu) (Southern Tang) 譚峭 Tan Qiao
鄧析子 一卷 Dengxizi (Zhou) 鄧析 Deng Xi
尹文子 一卷 Yinwenzi (Zhou) 尹文 Yin Wen
公孫龍子 一卷 Gongsun Longzi (Zhou) 公孫龍 Gongsun Long; (Song) 謝希深 Xie Xishen (comm.)
慎子 一卷 Shenzi (Zhou) 慎到 Shen Dao
鬼谷子 一卷
外篇 一卷
() NN
墨子 一卷 Mozi (Zhou) 墨翟 Mo Di
子華子 一卷 Zihuazi (Zhou) 程本 Cheng Ben
劉子 二卷 Liuzi (Northern Qi) 劉晝 Liu Zhou; (Tang) 袁孝政 Yuan Xiaozheng (comm.)
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